ECF Project: Video Series and Engagement Activities for Secondary School Students and the General Public on Climate Change


Hong Kong must work together

Climate change is a worldwide issue. Global warming has caused a proliferation of problems even in Hong Kong such as frequent heat waves, rise of sea level, spread of disease, as well as ecological and environmental imbalance. Every demographic and sectors of Hong Kong must work together in order to fulfil the Hong Kong government’s goal to reduce carbon emissions.


WGO is committed to cultivating environmental awareness and good environmental habits in the public, especially the next generation as they represent the future of Hong Kong. As such, WGO is launching a new programme, ‘ECF Project: Video Series and Engagement Activities for Secondary School Students and the General Public on Climate Change’ that is funded by the Environmental Conservation Fund. The knowledge engagement portion of the programme aims to increase environmental awareness and instil a schoolwide attitude change through talks, fieldtrips, interactive activities, and communications with experts so that students and public will be equipped and encouraged to be more environmentally active and responsible for their day to day actions.

Programme Details

Activities for Secondary School


Experts will share with students the cause of climate change and its impact and challenges in order to increase their understanding of climate change.

Field trips

No more than 60 students can participate in fieldtrips to local eco-tours, environmental facilities, or ecological attractions that are related to climate change.

Interactive Activities

No more than 20 students per school will be able to participate in interactive activities that apply their new knowledge of climate change to their daily lives.

Interview with Experts

Each school can select 3 students to partake in interviews with experts so that they can understand climate change from different perspectives.

Activity for General Public

Talks & Green Workshops

Through interactive talk & workshop, public can obtain more knowledge about Climate Change, and to adopt environmental-friendly lifestyle.

By participating in the programme, students and public will:

  • Increase awareness of the significance of climate change and help them to actively cultivate an environmentally-conscious lifestyle;
  • Improve analytical skills and allow them to apply what they learn in their daily lives; and,
  • Strengthen students’ interpersonal communication skills through interactions with professionals.

Programme Cost:



Sept 2018 – Apr 2019


Quota: First come, First served


If you have any enquiries, please feel free to contact us. Thank you for your time. Support from you will be greatly appreciated.


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